Lumi Doppio Blinds


Lumi Doppio Blinds (meaning double blinds) are unique in their design and are perfect for windows where privacy is necessary, but natural light is still desired, such as a bathroom window.

Soft horizontal fabric slats are interspersed with sheer material, which is then looped onto a headrail and bottom rail, leading to the double effect. By slight operation various combinations of fabric positions are possible: sheer material front and back allowing for maximum natural light; sheer material with fabric slat for a more muted feel; or fabric slat front and back to darken a room.

Lumi Doppio blinds can also be raised fully by means of the elegant steel operation chain. The Lumi Doppio blinds provides a neat installation finish as this blind comes standard with a profile.

Lumi Doppio blinds are suitable for any room in a house. They can be fitted to a window of any size from small to large but are not recommended for very large openings such as French or patio doors and other glass doors.

  • Sun protection   to  
  • Cooling   
  • Darkening   to   
  • Insulation  
  • Anti-glare   
  •  Easy to clean 
  • Durability   
  • Humidity   
  • Privacy  
  • Affordability   
  • Anti-corrosion  
  • Close fit 
  • Motorisation available
  • Poor   Not ideal  Average  Good   Excellent
  • Note: Ratings only indicative and are dependent on fabrics chosen as well as individual environments.
  • Min Width 500mm
    Min Drop 500mm
    Max Width 2400mm
    Max Drop 2600mm
  • Roller Tube Aluminium
  • Cassette Colour: Anodised Silver / White / Cream*
  • Bottom Detail: Round Bottom Rail To Match Cassette
  • Control Chain Operation / Motorised 12V
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Control Side Right Hand Side / Left Hand Side
  • Clutch: 32mm / 38mm
  • Chain Options: Silver Metal
  • Fabric Position: Standard Roll / Reverse Roll
  • Safety Device: Safety clips available

Operation of this blind is through a chain system which can be fitted at either
side of the blind.

Care Instructions
To ensure your Lumi Doppio blinds look their best use a synthetic or feather duster and refrain from using soap and water.

All components are manufactured using aluminium and glass reinforced nylon which will not corrode under normal circumstance. The system hascbeen designed for smooth operation, together with rigidity to prolong the window blind’s working life.